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Damp is a problem in many thousands of Glasgow properties, both residential and commercial, both new and old, and there are many different causes. Serious examples of damp inside buildings includes rising damp, often associated with a breach in the damp proof course or where there is no DPC to begin with. In all cases, damp can have major consequences in terms of damage and ultimately repair costs, which can at times be considerable. Damp, however insignificant it might at first appear to be, should never be ignored. 

Damp patches that appear on the lower internal sides of a Glasgow wall, is very likely to be rising damp. Water has penetrated the outer wall and spread inwards and upwards causing damage to plaster and wall paper or painted surfaces. This penetrating damp will not go away by itself and remedial action will be necessary. Repairs will need to be carried out by a professional Glasgow contractor or tradesman who is highly experienced in damp treatment techniques. Where perished plasterwork is evident then it might be necessary to remove all the affected plaster and apply a new plaster surface. Hence the expense if work is not carried out as a matter of urgency. Older buildings are more likely to be affected by rising damp and especially those that were built prior to 1875, when it became compulsory for DPCs to be included in home building.

Damp proofing covers all the remedial, maintenance and preventative measures required in order to prevent penetrating damp and to keep damp at bay. These measures may include the use of special water repellent chemicals and specialist treatments carried out by a professional damp proofing company or expert contractor. However, before any damp proofing treatment can be applied, the exact problem needs to be identified. A damp proofing services consultant can provide an inspection and full report then recommend the correct remedial action. Damp and timber reports are carried out by local professional surveyors who may offer a range of useful services and quite often offer free advice. Damp can appear as obvious wet patches or on the chimney breast usually created by hygroscopic chimney salt. This salt has built up from years of the fireplace being in use and the flue has been contaminated slowly damaging the facing plaster and will need restoration. There is a specific reason for the damp penetration and a specific damp proofing treatment to deal with it in Glasgow.

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