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Woodworm Treatment

Most people call any form of beetle infestation woodworm and it is certainly the most common form of beetle infestation in the United Kingdom. The true woodworm beetle (Anobium Punctatum) is quite common and can infest not only flooring and timbers in houses but also can infect timber furniture as well. Where necessary we use the latest water based materials to treat woodworm and of course we offer long term guarantees for the products used.

In many instances we find that natural ventilation below floor boards is compromised, resulting in damp conditions prevailing below floor level. Beetles just love the dark damp timbers which can be found sometimes below the floor and correct below floor ventilation is always to be considered prior to treatment with chemicals.

We will inspect and offer the best treatments for cases of wood corruption.

  • Woodworm/timber treatment Carlisle
  •  Woodworm/timber treatment Wigton
  • Woodworm/timber treatment Penrith
  • Woodworm/timber treatment Brampton
  • Woodworm/timber treatment Maryport
  •  Woodworm/timber treatment Workington
  •  Woodworm/timber treatment Whitehaven
  •  Woodworm/timber treatment Cockermouth
  • Woodworm/timber treatment Keswick
  • Woodworm/timber treatment Gretna

Below are some images of timber treatment carried out by Donaldsons Damp Proofing:

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